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Alpagatas Factory

Third party manufacturing! At Kovan 1924 we also work for the best national and international brands.
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Discover the essence of tradition in every step with our espadrille factory with more than 100 years of experience! Since 1924, the Ruiz Bernal family has been dedicated to manufacturing footwear, setting the standard in the industry with the emblematic hemp-soled espadrilles.

Our history is a testament to resilience during the challenging years of the "Spanish Civil War". In that difficult period, we used our espadrilles as barter currency, exchanging them for food in the Northwest Fields. Tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit led us to open new horizons, traveling by train from city to city to expand our business throughout Spain, conquering hearts in every corner of the country.

Over time, we evolved alongside the footwear industry, incorporating innovative materials such as plastic and rubber to improve the durability of our creations. The expansion was not only limited to the borders of Spain, but we reached international markets such as the United States, Germany, Italy and France, producing up to 10,000 pairs per day and more than one million pairs per season.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, we took a step further with the opening of global markets and exporting to different countries. We were not only recognized for the quality of our espadrilles, but also by a renowned store on Calle Mayor in Caravaca, where we offered a variety of footwear and accessories, fusing tradition with contemporary trends.

With the new millennium, we explore new frontiers when importing footwear from China, diversifying our offer with a wide range of products for men and women. However, in 2010, we decided to return to our roots, focusing again on 100% Spanish manufacturing.

Today, with the fourth generation at the helm, we begin a new era. Maintaining the artisanal authenticity that has always characterized us, we launched a new brand focused on online sales. We modernize processes and designs, offering the best of tradition combined with innovation. Welcome to the new era of our espadrille factory, where each pair tells a story of more than a century of dedication and passion for footwear!