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ESPADRILLES FACTORY - White label manufacturing

Boost your Brand with Our Experience

At Kovan 1924 , we offer white label manufacturing services, giving other brands the opportunity to take advantage of our vast experience and tradition in the production of artisanal espadrilles. With 100 years of history in the footwear industry, we are the ideal partner to develop and produce high-quality products under your own brand.

Why Choose Kovan 1924 for your White Label?

Quality and Craftsmanship : With a heritage that dates back to 1924, each pair of espadrilles we produce is made with the same dedication and attention to detail that has characterized us for a century. We use natural materials such as jute, esparto grass and fabric, guaranteeing a sustainable and long-lasting product.

Innovation and Tradition : We combine traditional techniques with modern innovations to create espadrilles that are both comfortable and stylish. Our artisanal approach ensures that each product not only meets the highest quality standards, but also reflects the latest fashion trends.

Sustainability : At Kovan 1924, we are committed to responsible production practices and the use of eco-friendly materials. This allows us to offer products that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

Flexibility and Customization : We understand that each brand has its own needs and vision. That's why we offer a wide range of customization options, from design and materials to finishes and packaging. We work closely with you to create products that perfectly align with your brand identity.

Our White Label Process

  1. Initial Consulting : We analyze your needs and objectives to define the best approach for your collection of white label espadrilles.
  2. Design and Development : Our team of designers and craftsmen work with you to develop prototypes and select materials that meet your specifications.
  3. Production : Once the design is approved, we produce the espadrilles in our factory in Caravaca de la Cruz , ensuring maximum quality at each stage of the process.
  4. Quality Control : We carry out strict quality controls to ensure that each pair of espadrilles meets our standards and those of your brand.
  5. Delivery and Support : We coordinate the delivery of finished products and offer ongoing support to ensure your complete satisfaction.

White label catalogs and photographs

Join us

By choosing Kovan 1924 white label services, you are not only purchasing high-quality products, but also a part of our rich history and tradition. Empower your brand with the experience and commitment to excellence that only Kovan 1924 can offer.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you create a collection of espadrilles that reflects the essence and values ​​of your brand.