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More than 3 generations dedicated to footwear manufacturing!

We are backed by 100 years of history dedicated to footwear, we are already the fourth generation dedicated to the sector in the family business.

Our origins date back to 1924 when Manuel Ruiz García began his journey in the world of footwear with the manufacture of the typical espadrille with a hemp sole. At that time our family also cultivated and produced hemp, the manufacturing was carried out on the well-known Calle Counts of Caravaca.

Years later came the hard years of the “Spanish Civil War”, very difficult times in Spain. Our family had to do it by “bartering”, in Caravaca they made the espadrilles which they exchanged for food in the Campos del Noroeste. In turn, they went down to Murcia to get materials to make more espadrilles which they exchanged for the food obtained in the fields of Caravaca. .

In the 40s, after the war, they began an expansion throughout Spain, riding the train with their samples they went from city to city opening new clients in the areas of Castile, an activity that they combined with making the well-known “markets” in the northwest highlands.

Given the poor durability of hemp, especially when it gets wet, new materials began to be included for its manufacture with plastic and rubber, with this also came the manufacture of vulcanized rubber.

They also had a well-known shoe store on Calle Mayor in Caravaca, where in addition to the products they manufactured, they bought other types of items in Elche to complete the store.

History continued and gave way to the next generation, in the 70s, 80s and 90s and with them, new markets opened. It began exporting to the United States, Germany, Italy, France... producing 10,000 pairs daily and more than a million pairs per season including house slippers, espadrilles and jute wedges.

With the entrance of the new millennium, in 2000, imports from China began, importing all types of footwear for men and women, shoes, boots, sandals, sports shoes, house slippers, jute wedges, an activity that continued until 2014. .

Now back to 100% Spanish manufacturing, we currently manufacture espadrilles, jute wedges and house slippers.

Now with the fourth generation, a new era begins, with the launch of a new brand focused on online sales and the modernization of processes and designs, without losing the artisanal character that has always characterized us.